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New years 2017

Prior to Christmas 2016 – below


(I Thes. 5:18)

For many of our North American friends, this is Thanksgiving day when we remember all that God has done for us.  First off, you should know that the Tjernagel family is doubly thankful for you—for your friendship, for your generosity, for the ways you encourage and partner with us to bring the good news about Jesus to Spain!  Here’s some happenings that we’ve been thankful for lately:

TEACHER NATHANIEL:  Nathaniel came back to Spain with us even though he’s about ready to take the leap and leave our family nest in January.  He has been working in our academy “English Connect” and  has been a big blessing, adding his joy and playful spirit to our staff.  

The other day Nathaniel wanted to give out a prize to everyone for how well they behaved and learned during class.  He ran to our secretary to ask for some sort of prize.  She suggested the color bracelets that tell the story of the gospel.  Nathaniel grabbed them and ran back to class, ready to hand out the prize and explain the bracelet.  But before he started, he asked if they knew the story of the colored bracelet.  2 boys jumped up and said they would tell the story.  Nathaniel was amazed as they explained each color and how Jesus died on the cross for them!  He didn’t have to share a thing because they had already heard the gospel several times at our basketball/English camp that we do each summer.  This is why we’re thankful for our academy and these types of opportunities!


Some of you were involved with the Spanish youth that we brought back to the US this past summer.  We are so thankful for the seeds of the gospel that were shared with them.  This fall our team went through a Discovery Bible Study training and the result has been the start up a couple small groups of people, reading the Bible together to discover it’s truth.  One of those groups involve some of the gals who went on the trip.  I’m using the same Bible study method to train a small group of teen guys to use with their friends.  We’re super excited for these youth and the possibilities of what could happen for His Kingdom.  And Paula and I are super thankful for our teammates, Betsy, Kristin, and Kelsey and how they reach out to their friends with passion.



This photo to the left is of a young man named Aaron.  God has used multiple people in our church to bring him to this point of taking an important step of following Christ.  It was this time a year ago when Aaron reluctantly went to one of our church retreats and met Christ in a powerful way through the love and words of the people in our church.  We don’t always get to see many baptisms in Spain so each one is so special.  Will you please give thanks to God for Aaron and pray for him as his family moved to another part of Spain to find work? Pray that he would continue to grow spiritually and that he’d find a quality church and youth group to attend.

Thankful to God.  Thankful for you.  Thankful for the chance to live and serve in a place like Spain!

Until the Whole World Knows HIM!!  Tim for all the Tjernagels

Email:  tim.tjernagel@worldteam.org

Skype:  timpaula



Happy New Year from the Tjernagels!!


Dear Friends,


As we begin a new year once again, we wanted you to know just how thankful we are for your friendship!  We love serving God in Spain but it wouldn´t happen without people like you pulling for us, praying for us, participating with us, and giving so that Spaniards have the chance to hear about God´s incredible saving love in Jesus!  We want you to know that we are praying for you as you begin what we hope to be the best year of your life to date!   Wondering what great things God will do in your life this year!  You´re in HIS Grip, Tim for all the Tjernagels


This photo contains the extended Tjernagel Family members for this year!  Below is a brief description of each, starting from left to right in the photo…


1)      Josh Duinker:  The Tjernagels just got taller with this addition!  Josh is a 6´10´´ professional basketball player from Australia who is playing on our Cáceres team.  Had no idea that God would bring another sold out Christian to play here and he is doing an awesome job on the court and off—giving thousands of Spaniards a positive view of how a Christian lives out his daily life!


2)      Betsy Stoltzfus:  Betsy is our long-time teammate of 12 years now!  But she is much more than a teammate, she is an auntie to our kids, a sister in Christ who challenges in our faith, and a true friend who sticks with us through thick and thin.  We feel undeserving of this great gift that God has given us in her.


3)      Paula Tjernagel:  What can I say, I´m biased but this lady really knows how to let her light shine for Christ.  Starting with her husband and children, she is one of the best at encouraging and building others up.  I get to see her use her gift to help Spaniards come closer to Christ every day!


4)      Hannah Cregg:  Hannah is teaching English in an academy and serving God by reaching out to her friends and co-workers.  Has a huge heart for people and we can´t wait to see how God will use her the rest of the year in Cáceres.


5)      Tim Tjernagel:  By far the biggest nerd in the family, and my kids are constantly reminding me how old I am!  Love being a dad and helping lead the church planting effort of World Team in Spain. (and by the way… Paula here… Tim has been the hero for all of us this year as he has loved on us as I dealt with my health…Tim is a servant to our family, the Spanish people, and our fellow missionaries)


6)      Hannah Tjernagel:  The sports girl of the family who is constantly heading out the door to basketball or volleyball practice.  She discovered the phone this year and spends half of her life talking to her many friends!  She keeps us playing as a family and finding some family time in our busy schedule.


7)      Nathaniel Tjernagel:  The signs of manhood are setting in—taller than his mom and older sister, plus a voice that fluctuates more than the temperature in Calgary, Canada.  Each day, however, we´re reminded of how God´s hand is maturing him to become more like Jesus.  He totally has a heart like his daddy…that is what his mom says.


8)      Audra Skartvedt:  Audra is from our home town in Iowa and is doing her second year of teaching English in the Spanish public schools.  Has shown us how strong she is by persevering in difficult circumstances, all the while making us laugh with her joyful spirit.  Think she knows that God is her refuge and this is really what is helping her to survive and thrive in another culture.






Hi Friends, 9-5-2012,


We wanted to ask you to pray for our church EL PUENTE (The Bridge) this week as we have 3 evangelistic nights of doing Veggie Tale VBS with children and parents in the neighborhood of our church.  It’s great fun and healthy for our church as we all work together to pull it off.  This year, however, we are experiencing a lot of obstacles and discouragement on many different fronts.  So please pray…

1)      That everyone in the church would give what they can (time, gifts, etc…) and that God would unite our hearts as we communicate His love and the gospel to families in the church’s neighborhood.

2)      That everyone would be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading and bold in sharing the gospel.

3)      Paula’s health has been bad lately and will not be participating this year.  Pray for her encouragement as she would like to help out.  Pray that God would raise up new people in our church to take on tasks and realize that they have gifts and abilities that the Spirit has given them.

4)      Pray that entire families would hear the good news of Christ, respond, and become fully integrated into His church!


Thanks for praying!!  You’re in HIS Grip,  Tim


PS.  Just for those who’d like to know more about the financial crisis in Spain and how it’s affecting society.  We got the following note in our mailbox the other day.  It’s not the first that we’ve received.  It said…

“19 year old youth looking to do any household jobs available, cleaning, caring for children, caring for senior citizens, etc…  I need to work because both of my parents are without work and the bank  is going to take our house.  If you are interested or know a family who might be interested in my services, please call…..”

I heard this week that unemployment for youth between the ages of 18-25 years old is 63% in our region.  It’s at 50% for all youth of Spain.  Please pray for these youth who really want to work, but just can’t find anything.



Tim Tjernagel

World Team/ICE (Iniciativa Cristiana Evangélica)

C/Islas Azores, 9, 2A

10001 Cáceres


Email: Tim.Tjernagel@WorldTeam.org

Tel. 927-23-83-97 o 635-082-890 (móvil)

Skype: timpaula


“Innovative teams multiplying disciples and communities of believers, bringing the Gospel within reach of lost people everywhere we go.”

Hi Friends,

Summer is here and we are enjoying new opportunities to serve God in creative ways over the next couple of months.  Could you please pray for the following…

1)      Paula had her rheumatoid arthritis treatment this week and has been very wiped out.  6 months ago when she last took this treatment it seemed not to work (though over the last couple of years it´s normally worked great).  Please pray that these meds would work or they will need to help us find another alternative.  Paula really doesn´t want to have to change again—it´s a slow process and there´s no guarantee the new meds will work either.

2)      Another reason to pray for Paula is that we begin a busy week of ministry with our evangelistic Basketball and English Camp.  Paula, along with our teammate, Betsy Stoltzfus, have a good sized load in preparing for the English part of the camp.  We receive a group of 11 people from a couple of churches in Story City, IA who will help us do the camp.  Pray for the group to connect well with the Spanish children and youth, pray that we do the camp with excellence, pray that we have many spiritual conversations with the kids and adults.  God has already answered one of our prayers—we already have more than 85 kids signed up—that’s a record for us!

3)      Attached to the email is a picture of our daughter Hannah with her coach this year, Alejandra.  We got to know Alejandra at one of our bball camps 4 years ago and it’s just been a blast getting to know her.  This is the reason we do these camps.  Please pray for Alejandra as she will be a “translator” at our camp and will get to hang out with our coaches/teachers from the US.  Pray that the gospel will penetrate her heart and the a decision will be made for Christ. 

PS.  This just in, the group coming just had one of their flights canceled and so they’re going to arrive a day late—and probably very, very tired.  Please pray that they get on Spanish time quickly and that they will have energy to match the kids they’ll be working with this week!  Thanks for helping us by praying!!


Tim Tjernagel

World Team/ICE (Iniciativa Cristiana Evangélica)

C/Islas Azores, 9, 2A

10001 Cáceres


Email: Tim.Tjernagel@WorldTeam.org

Tel. 927-23-83-97 o 635-082-890 (móvil)

Skype: timpaula

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