Sunday, April 5, 2020. 9AM

“There’s never been such a divisive leader!”  “He thinks he’s above the law.”  “He acts like he’s a king!”  “He’s WONDERFUL!”  “He should be killed!”  “How dare you?”  Of course, you recognize that I’m talking about Jesus, right?  This week we will celebrate Palm Sunday:  Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the beginning of Holy Week. Join us this Sunday at 9:00 am on Zoom ( as we learn more about this event and as we begin the journey toward the cross.  If you need any help getting connected to Zoom, please email or call.

This week we could use a lector – any volunteers?  You will need to make sure that your microphone works, but otherwise, ANYONE can do it.  Please “Reply All” if you can help in this way.  You can bring your own treats again this week.  The readings for Sunday are:

Zechariah 9:9-17

Psalm 118:1-4, 19-29

Philippians 2:1-11

Matthew 21:1-17

If you would like some great Palm Sunday music, here a few favorites:

Ride on, Ride on in Majesty:

All Glory, Laud, and Honor:

Sing, My Tongue, the Glorious Battle:

Upcoming events (any of the in-person events are subject to change):

April 9 – 7:00 pm – Maundy Thursday Service

April 10 – 7:00 pm – Good Friday Service

April 12 -??? – Easter Service

May 17 – Tim Tjernagel preaching at Shepherd

In your prayers this week:

The Tjernagels in Spain; Pastors Duggi, Swen, David, Dake, Moksha, Peter, Jonathan, and Jayasingh as they minister in India

Janis and Ieva Diekonts, Don Richman, and David Breidenbach as they conduct mission work in Latvia and other parts of eastern Europe.
The people of South Sudan and Ethiopia as civil war continues to rage – and for the South Sudanese Christians who have been forced to flee to Ethiopia

The children and staff at the Bethany-Good Shepherd Orphanage in Tanuku.  PLEASE prayerfully consider whether you could help out with a donation to help out the orphanage.

The members of the Lutheran Church in Gudipadu, Andhra Pradesh, as they rebuild their church.  Pastor Duggi is beginning a ministry to help aging women in their village.  Support of all kinds is needed.

Our nation and its leaders – for a return to God and the values on which this country was built

I pray that the rest of your week goes well, and I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday at 9:00 am.



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