Shepherd of the Prairie 9-24-2023

This week, we will start a series within the “Life Issues” series we’ve been working on.  This mini-series will study the topic of “Gender Identity.”  That simple two-word phrase sure can get messed up in so many different ways.  So we need to step back and see what God says through His Word about this subject.  This week, we are going to consider “gender” based on God’s original intent for “man” and “woman.”  I’m sure you know that it will be counter-cultural, but there will even be some points that make modern “conservative” Christians a little uncomfortable.  But it’s important to study ALL of God’s Word and to take it seriously.  Join us Sunday morning at 9:00 in the Ballard Middle School Board Room as we look at how God made us, male and female.

Marilyn volunteered to bring treats this week.  THANK YOU!!  For several reasons, I would like to incorporate the readings into the message this week, so we will not need a lector.

Readings this week are:

Genesis 1:24-31

Psalm 128

Ephesians 5:15-33

Matthew 19:1-9 

Upcoming events:

Sunday, September 24 – 9:00 am – Worship at Shepherd (Ballard Middle School)

October 1 – 9:15 am – Combined worship at Bethany (I’ll be heading to the LCMC Gathering)

October 1-4 – LCMC International Gathering – St. Charles, MO

Sunday, October 8 – 9:00 am – Worship at Shepherd (Ballard Middle School)

October 11-13 – Lutherans For Life National Conference – Erlanger, KY (Creation Museum and Ark Encounter)

PLEASE pray for the following:

The people of Ukraine, as their nation is under attack.

James Puotyual while he awaits a kidney transplant.

Paula, that her health might be restored

The Grulke’s in Botswana; Enrique Estrada in Mexico; Pastors Duggi, Swen, David, Dake, Moksha, Peter, Jonathan, Abdul, Subin Raj, and all the other faithful pastors as they minister in India

Matt and Simon, pastors in Estonia, as they minister in a climate that is resistant to return to Christianity.

Janis Diekonts and Ieva Diekonte, David and Angela Breidenbach as they conduct mission work in Latvia and other parts of eastern Europe

The people of South Sudan and Ethiopia as the civil war continues to rage – and for the South Sudanese Christians who have been forced to flee to Ethiopia

The children and staff at the Bethany-Good Shepherd Orphanage in Tanuku.  

Pastor Duggi and the members of the Lutheran Church in Gudipadu, Andhra Pradesh, as well as the orphanage that he operates.

Tim T. as he begins this new chapter of his ministry

Our nation and its leaders – for a return to God and the values on which this country was built.

See you Sunday at 9:00 am in the Ballard Middle School Board Room.



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